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In response to COVID-19, Refresh Psychotherapy is rapidly expanding telehealth services to accommodate the needs of New York State.

Have you always wanted to work in an environment where learning and clinical supervision were prioritized? Have you been yearning to work in a place where there is positive morale and low drama? Have you been working in a non-profit full-time job but wish you could grow your skills as a psychotherapist part-time? Has been working in a private practice something that you’ve been considering? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, consider Refresh Psychotherapy.

There has never been a better time than now to start working in the ever evolving field of mental health, where telehealth is on the precipice of revolutionizing patient care. And there is no better place to gain experience than New York City. If you live outside NYC, you can still have the opportunity to gain this valuable experience. And if you live in NYC, you’ll have the opportunity to work in our beautifully furnished, clean, luxe offices.


Current Openings

Fee-For-Service Psychotherapist (part time)

Refresh is seeking LMSW’s, LCSW’s, LMHC/LMFT/LCAT (permit holding or eligible.) Psychotherapists for a busy private practice in New York City seeking New York State residents. This is a fee-for-service position- approximately 20 sessions weekly, with a 15 session weekly minimum.

The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of experience post-graduation working in an environment where psychotherapy, assessment, and diagnosis are primary responsibilities. We are open to interviewing clinicians with less than 2 years of experience who can demonstrate the ability for clinical growth, an openness to being pushed outside of one’s own comfort zone, and impeccable writing skills.


We are looking to hire clinicians who have the ability to think creatively, use mindfulness and somatic approaches, and who would like to work with creative and highly sensitive individuals. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, diligent, responsible, and committed to improving their clinical skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinicians conduct intake assessments, provide individual, family, or relationship psychotherapy, coaching, and referrals when needed. All clinicians hired will receive individual and team clinical supervision with hours counting towards the requirements for the LCSW/LMHC licensing exam.

The benefits of working in a private practice include a higher pay rate, consistent supervision, substantially LESS paperwork than is required in a clinic, and the ability to work with clients using the modality of your choosing. We have a team that takes care of insurance, billing, and marketing so therapists will not need to be involved in these processes and can concentrate on clinical work.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, the kind of person who is always looking for work to do and ways to help best support their team. Must be willing to do things outside the scope of their job description on occasion and must not feel that any task is beneath them. Additionally, will have graduated from a top-tier social work graduate program, have a strong interest in improving the quality of behavioral healthcare.

Please submit the following items for consideration:

– curriculum vitae (professional resume)
– a thoughtful cover letter
– 3 professional references and 1 personal reference (preferably all in the same document)

Applications submitted without ALL of these items will not be considered.


  • Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance needed prior to hire
  • Current licensure or permit in New York State in good standing
  • Must own and be proficient in using a computer
  • Stable, locked internet connection
  • Ability and comfort in making phone calls to clients, other service providers, and insurance companies

The ideal candidate will have an interest in providing therapy to “Millennial” adults, have a strong passion for improving the quality of behavioral healthcare.

We are seeking a clinician of the highest caliber. This individual must be highly computer literate and able to work and problem-solve independently with regard to technical and administrative matters with minimal direction.


Graduate Clinical Intern
Just like social workers in any other setting, our staff members wear a variety of hats.   We envision the role of the social work intern being no different.

Responsibilities may include direct clinical practice with groups and/or individuals, case management and referrals, writing, and researching.  


  • Current enrollment in an MSW or DSW/PhD program in the NYC metro area
  • Ability to utilize public transportation independently, as work may entail working out of our 4 locations
  • Ability to work at least one late night and/or one day per weekend
  • Own and be able to independently utilize a laptop computer
  • Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Ability and comfort in making phone calls to clients, other service providers, and insurance companies

Individuals interested in this unique opportunity should kindly. submit the following items for consideration:
–  curriculum vitae
–  a thoughtful cover letter
– 2 academic references and 2 professional references
–  a writing sample of a mental health topic of your choice of 3 to 5 pages in length
–  a short bio (please look to the staff bios on our site for inspiration)


We are are an equal opportunity employer.

We are working remotely, but hopefully not forever. We are open to clinicians who want to work fully remotely for the foreseeable future, clinicians who only want to work in an office, and clinicians who are looking for a hybrid office/remote schedule.

Interviews will be conducted via video conference. We realize that Zoom etiquette has not been well-established. Please do not wear a t-shirt, hoodie, or other unprofessional attire. A solid color (not black or white) button-down shirt or blouse paired with a blazer work best for video interviews. Please do not interview in an area of your home where your bed, sofa, or kitchen is in view. Sitting with a solid wall or window behind you typically looks best. You might also consider chooseing a virtual background to use so that your personal space is not in view.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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