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Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Match

By Rachel Parodneck


These days, the odds of simply running into your soul mate serendipitously seem next to impossible, hence the popularity of dating apps. It seems you can’t even take the subway without seeing multiple singles glued to their phones swiping. New Yorkers especially value the quick, easily accessible and free platforms of Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and others that seem to crop up daily. For the more serious, there are the paid sites and What if there was another way? 

Enter Michelle Frankel, Chief Love Officer & Certified Matchmaker. Michelle is the founder of elite NYC Matchmaking company NYC Matchmaking. Refresh’s Rachel Parodneck had the opportunity to have a Q + A with the Chief Love Officer herself.

How did you become a matchmaker? I introduced a Law Firm Partner to their spouse and I thought  “this is so much more rewarding than merging corporations” I then traded in the law for love- focusing on mergers of another kind.  Jumped into the industry learning everything I could, 10 years and 2 offices later (NYC and Ridgewood, NJ), countless marriages and babies, my team and I are still equally passionate.


What is the benefit of hiring a matchmaker VS doing the work yourself via tinder, bumble, etc?

Just like hiring a personal trainer or headhunter, hiring a matchmaker allows the client to really commit and focus on the end game goal -SUCCESS.  As matchmakers, we go on the bad dates for our clients.  Our vetting/screening not only saves precious time for our clients, but allows us to introduce clients to people they would never have encountered or maybe even considered.


Do you think dating apps are helping or hindering the dating scene?

A little of both.  I care less about the platform where people meet. It is what transpires after the first hello.  Dating Apps opens a world of people you would never get to meet. The downside is: people view the practice of dating on Apps with less respect. It is akin to shopping and very judgmental viewing a profile 1 dimensionally, making a snap decision to swipe or not, which is not real life.



How much are your services?  Our service vary from $200 to an initial video consultation; $2000-$4000 for online dating assistance; date coaching $200-$8500; and matchmaking $8500-$30,000


How do you find the matches? Is there a database? 

We have a private database built over 10 years with thousands of singles, plus we have recruiters and a team of matchmakers- we are always recruiting for our clients.

What is the way for people who can’t afford your fees to meet great matches?

Join our free network at and should you be a match for a VIP client we will reach out.  Want to be a tiny bit more proactive?  Signup for a consultation via video or in-person so we can get to know you and stand-out from the thousands in our network.


When is the right time to have the exclusivity conversation?

After you have been dating consistently (and often) for a couple months. And/or when intimacy comes into play.


How long is the process of meeting with a matchmaker to finding their match? When a client retains us they could potentially have their first match as early as 2 weeks


What are good helpful tips for the dating scene?

Be Open – throw out that criteria yet focus on the most essential values that you hold important.


Who is your ideal client?

Someone who defers to us and lets us do our job without much control – These are the clients that always end up in successful relationships.


What are the biggest mistakes you see millennials making when it comes to dating?

The gender roles and courtship has changed– but that is a lengthy topic onto itself.


Michelle has not only generously offered her professional expertise in this Q and A, she also has a 15% discount code “Refresh” on her website for her matchmaking services.