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The Power of Positivity

By Elizabeth Marks, MSWI

We so often speak to ourselves in a way that we’d never speak to a friend. Can you ever imagine turning to a girlfriend on the way out to dinner and saying “you’ve looked better” or being on a date and turning to this guy you’re into and saying “the pimple on your face is really obvious.” We’d never do that, it wouldn’t feel good for ourselves or them!

So why do we do it to ourselves? The power of positive self-talk is transcendent. To be honest about wonderful and beautiful aspects of ourselves instead of harping on negatives will cascade into so many elements of your life.

Affirmations are an easy way to build into more positive self-talk. Start small, think of something a friend has said to you that was meaningful, or something that you are proud of. Look at yourself in the morning and tell yourself, “you look great today” or “you’re brilliant.” With positive affirmations also comes the heaps of gratitude that we all deserve for ourselves.

So this week, when you lean in to tell yourself something not so kind, think to yourself, would I say this to my best friend? If the answer is no, as Missy Elliot so eloquently said “flip it and reverse it” into an honest and meaningful positive that you deserve.

Having trouble coming up with one yourself? Try thanking yourself for getting up this morning, for taking a minute for yourself, and for looking to be more kind to yourself! You deserve it.