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  By Olivia Alvizo, LMSW Do you ever wake up imagining different scenarios you would rather be in than going to work? For example, swimming with sharks in open water sounds way more appealing than having to co-exist with a boss or

By Tyvon Foster   I’ve noticed that scores of people (in practice and personal life)  struggle with choosing a career that best suits their interest. I figure to share my experience to facilitate some assistance. Hopefully this post will give some of

By Rachel Parodneck   Let’s face it—we’re New Yorkers. We work hard and play hard. Some of us burn the candle on both ends. With the crumbling MTA making commutes longer than ever and demanding hours across nearly every industry, it is

By Fayad Rapplique, LMSW     I can’t get myself to start that project for work I can’t seem to take sometime for myself everyday I really want to start creating art again I never get to read the books I buy and put on my

a guest post by mental health and wellness writer Aly Semigran     “There aren’t enough hours in the day.” It’s a sentiment felt by a lot of people in our increasingly busy, work-a-day world. Time can feel like an especially daunting part