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By Rachel Parodneck LMSW As far as self-care goes, this one might be self-explanatory. Exercise benefits our body and helps control weight, but did you know there are a host of other benefits to exercise? It can also help prevent diseases,

By Rachel Parodneck LMSW When you think of meditation, you may conjure up images of monks chanting in the Himalayas. Your next thought might be: “that’s not for me! I don’t have time!” We’re New Yorkers, and as such, we’re usually

By Rachel Parodneck LMSW Why should you try journaling? Many people are at first resistant to journaling. The stigma surrounding journaling may stem from thoughts of hormonal teenagers writing in their diaries. Adults don’t journal! Or do they? Journaling helps people, especially

By Chianne Greene The holidays can be a joyous occasion but let’s face it, the holiday season can also bring feelings of sadness and loneliness. You may begin to reflect on your current situation and this past year, the highs and lows as well as the heartbreaks

By Wananan Phualek   Here are 5 things I recommend doing to making dating a more joyful experience: Remember to breathe Breathing smoothly helps calm our nervous system and soothe our minds. It will enable you to be present and able to connect from

By Fayad Raphique   “You’ve got to set clear boundaries with him” “Know where your boundaries are early on” “She’s got serious boundary issues” We all hear the B word thrown around a lot when discussing dating, but what ARE boundaries? Personal boundaries are the