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By Rachel Grossman “Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.” ― Khalil Gibran For most of us, the opportunity to experience true silence in our daily lives can be all but impossible. In our digitalized modern

How identity can be a complex issue for people of multiracial backgrounds   By Mike Chee Race in America has always been, and continues to be, a complex issue. Yet, most of the country’s discussion around race is still framed in sweeping

  By Rachel Parodneck, LMSW Most of us spend hours per day on “screen-time” meaning time spent in front of an electronic device. Whether that is a computer monitor, cell phone, TV, or movies, we are spending more time than ever in

  By Chianne Greene, LMSW   They say your twenties are the most enjoyable time of your life. You have little to no responsibilities or obligations and as a result are free to explore all of what the world has to offer.  However,

    By Rachel Parodneck, LMSW     Many seemingly easy tasks can be surprisingly difficult. Finding the right psychiatrist is one of those challenges. For a plethora of reasons, it seems a good shrink is hard to come by! Many don’t take insurance and

  By Olivia Alvizo, LMSW Do you ever wake up imagining different scenarios you would rather be in than going to work? For example, swimming with sharks in open water sounds way more appealing than having to co-exist with a boss or