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By Elizabeth Marks, MSWI Our homes have become increasingly less sexy as we now do everything within the confines of our individual abodes. My husband and I went from having so much to talk about at night, missing each other, and

By Rachel Parodneck, LMSW Many people may hear the term “relationship therapy” tossed around haphazardly but what exactly does relationship therapy entail? And who should go? All approaches focus on open communication and making sure each partner feels heard in a safe

By Rachel Parodneck   These days, the odds of simply running into your soul mate serendipitously seem next to impossible, hence the popularity of dating apps. It seems you can’t even take the subway without seeing multiple singles glued to their phones

By Rachel Parodneck   It’s summer and love is in the air. Or is it? Summer has a certain vibe where everyone seems loved up. Social media shows people with their significant others on vacation, out on the town, with friends and

By Chianne Green Dating in 2019 can feel like a full-time job, it’s extremely difficult, draining, and time consuming. You go to all the parties, beer gardens, rooftop bars, and summer festivals New York City has to offer, but you’re still having a hard

By Wananan Phualek   Here are 5 things I recommend doing to making dating a more joyful experience: Remember to breathe Breathing smoothly helps calm our nervous system and soothe our minds. It will enable you to be present and able to connect from