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Healthy Conversations about Food During the Holidays

Photo Cred: Canva Written by Jessy Pucker LMSW Dec 20, 2021 As the holidays inch closer, it is important to discuss conversations about food. The holidays often center around big family meals. These moments of togetherness can be tainted by […]

Volunteering and Giving Back

Written by Jessy Pucker LMSW Dec 14, 2021   Giving back and volunteering are important year-round, but these activities are emphasized during the holiday season. Whether it is hands-on volunteering or donating to a cause you care about, giving back […]

HIV/AIDS Awareness Week

Artwork by Dani Delaide Written by Jessy Pucker LMSW Dec 7, 2021   ‘Stigma’ is a word we often use in the mental health world. Conversations surrounding mental illness have historically been avoided because the stigma surrounding it promoted shame […]