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Refresh Psychotherapy NYC

Corporate Services Guide

At Refresh, we believe that a strengths-based approach to employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance is key.  Refresh aims to focus on the mental health and well-being of employees by fostering positive coping skills for stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Research shows that lack of access to mental health services significantly impacts on employer healthcare costs. When employees cannot access services, either due to inconvenient locations, appointment availability, or difficulty finding a provider who is in-network with their insurance, they turn to urgent care or the ER to manage their mental health when such visits could have been averted by using mental health care preventatively.

How can employers ensure employees maintain good mental hygiene by using high-value and lower-cost channels for mental health care?

For Clinicians:

I’ve worked in some really awful environments- incompetent supervisors who were terrible to patients and even worse to staff, micromanaging and degrading us at every opportunity. On top of that, I can recall myself and my colleagues being overworked, underpaid, and not consistently receiving clinical supervision, which is vital to the success of patients.  I founded Refresh to provide an environment where clinicians could flourish by receiving weekly individual and team supervision in order to provide the best possible patient care while continually collaborating and learning from one another.

Refresh is an environment that fosters clinician growth by providing quality individual and team clinical supervision in order to provide the best patient care and experience possible.

For Patients:

My first experience in therapy was not a pleasant one.  When I was a tween and said that I wanted therapy, my mom took me to a community mental health center at the suggestion of a friend who received therapy there with her kids.  I waited for quite some time in the waiting room, being seen 25 minutes late for my appointment. There were screaming children with their parents and elderly people. I didn’t feel that I fit in there.  My mom went in with me for the intake, and I didn’t feel that I could speak freely. The therapist doing my intake was an older woman who smiled too much and talked to me like I was a child (which I was, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.)  I left feeling more stressed out than when I went in and decided that I would not be going back again. I didn’t go back to therapy until I was 24. I liked my therapist at that point, but she was older and I didn’t quite seem to understand my quarter-life crisis.  I found it difficult to find someone who could relate to what I was going through.

I’ve always felt that the quality of patient care should be the focus of any practice. However, I’ve learned over time that this isn’t always the case, sadly. I can’t envision patients making the most and best progress that they could in working with overworked, underpaid, and poorly treated clinicians. Furthermore, I’ve found that many clinicians do not receive clinical supervision in such environments, which is an extremely important piece of providing mental health services.  I founded Refresh to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care possible from clinicians who are treated fairly and receive weekly individual and team supervision. There’s not reason for patient care to go by the wayside in an industry that does nothing apart from patient care. Refresh Clinicians are set up to provide successful, individualized care for patients in a place where they can be most attentive and on top of their game. Refresh clinicians are current in the field, are educated in evidenced-based practices and issues that face young professionals today.

Refresh is an environment that strives to  bring the best to patient care, experience, and success by instituting fair practices to its clinicians as well as quality supervision to ensure that both patient needs and clinician learning needs are met.