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Rachel Grossman, LCSW


Rachel Grossman, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Rachel is a native New Yorker, who completed her graduate education in the greatest city on Earth.  She holds a Masters in Clinical Social Work and has training in CBT, DBT, trauma therapy, motivational interviewing, meditation, and therapeutic dance.

Rachel applies a holistic approach to her therapeutic style, incorporating mindfulness, coming home to the body, and faith in the intrinsic healing power of each individual. She strives to  create a safe space for her clients to facilitate a strong therapeutic relationship. Rachel’s ongoing clinical training includes the Hakomi method (a form of body centered psychotherapy), as well as other forms of somatic expression therapy which emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection.

Rachel has extensive experience facilitating workshops on topics such as self-esteem, women’s issues, mindfulness, and depression. She has also facilitated therapeutic dance sessions, art therapy groups, and meditation workshops.

Rachel specializes in working with victims of trauma and abuse, individuals who experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, and people struggling with issues of confidence or low self-esteem.  She also enjoys working with highly sensitive people, creative individuals, families, and couples.

Through her work with local youth and adults who struggle with serious and persistent mental illness at Brooklyn Community Services, Rachel maintains a strong belief in the inherent value of every human being.  She firmly believes that regardless of sexual identity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, or racial background, all people deserve the upmost respect and quality of care.

As a Brooklyn native, Rachel is drawn to the cultural diversity of New York City, abundant access to the arts, architecture, and the numerous eclectic cafes and restaurants. A writer, poet and artist, Rachel is an avid reader, painter, dancer, and cat lover who spends a considerable amount of time in nature.