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Leann Borneman, LMSW

Leann Thaw

Leann Borneman, LMSW


Leann is an LMSW with specialized training and experience surrounding depression, anxiety, stress, transition, trauma and sex therapy/couples counseling. Leann was born in Atlantic City, NJ and moved to Long Island where she currently resides since childhood. Leann enjoys going for walks in the hiking trails throughout Long Island and relaxing on the beautiful beaches with a nice book. Along with this, she can be caught binge watching Ted talks in her spare time.

 Leann graduated from Stony Brook University with a Master’s in Social Work and earned her Bachelors in Psychology. Mental health became a passion for Leann while she was Volunteering as a Rape Crisis Counselor with VIB’s Long Island. Leann understands how detrimental a label can be and the importance of using strengths to break labels and encourage empowerment.

Since graduating, Leann has concentrated on sexual dysfunctions, trauma and it’s impact on intimacy/relationships. Leann is certified in completion of sexual education and healthy relationships for individuals and families with an intellectual disability. Leann has completed several hours of continuing education surrounding the topics of sexual anatomy and mental health. Along with being a Psychotherapist, Leann is also  a professor teaching college level Psychology classes at Farmingdale University. Leann is passionate about the field of psychology and ensuring she is up to date on information pertaining to mental health.

Leann cares deeply about the negative impact’s depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and transitioning can have and she provides clients with education surrounding these areas and the tools to cope. Leann uses a holistic approach allowing clients to use their strengths to reach any goals set. Leann finds it very important for her clients to feel empowered and fill their toolbox with the tools needed to be used throughout the therapeutic process.