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Lana Lorenzo, LMSW


Lana Lorenzo, LMSW


Lana is a native New Yorker who appreciates the social and cultural milieu her state, and more so city, are known for. She obtained her graduate degree in social work from Fordham University and also has her undergraduate degree in Nutrition Science. She believes wellness thrives best in the intersections of physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual vitality. Lana’s educational training includes a broad focus on human development, and the sociocultural, political and unconscious forces that influence the personal, professional and domestic spheres of everyday life.

Lana approaches her clinical work with an unwavering commitment to help other people explore, articulate and weave in a nuanced manner the many narratives constituting the story of their lives. Her experiences, among other, include working with persons living with chronic illnesses, as well as with severe and persistent mental illness within an organization, dialysis center, and hospital mental health clinic. She has also worked with individuals struggling with anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia. She will utilize a tailored individualized approach to treatment, either through a psychodynamic lens, or by other means which may better fit the individual.

Outside of direct care, Lana continues to educate herself on racial, ethnic and socioeconomic perceptions that underpin unjust ideas of the “other.” She has also devoted much of her time volunteering at a youth organization and teaching nutrition in underserved communities.

Lana believes self-care is non-negotiable. She enjoys high-interval training, a great cuisine with friends and family, international travel, film and writing. She strives to assist others with strengthening their human connectivity — something she believes is germane to the transformative force in meaningful relationships.