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Keeley Teemsma, LCSW, MA


Keeley Teemsma, LCSW, MA

Founder and CEO

Keeley is a lifelong New Yorker with over a decade of experience.  She received her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology from CUNY John Jay College.  She went on to receive her MA in Sociology from CUNY Queens College and worked as a researcher prior to attending New York University where she obtained her MSW in Clinical Social Work.  She earned her SIFI Certificate (Seminar in Clinical Field Instruction) at Adelphi University. She also is certified in Mental Health and Infertility through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She also has studied Animal-Assisted Therapy at Animal Behavior Institute. Her cat, Emmett, has been named Brooklyn’s most beloved therapy cat. Keeley has participated in various trainings and workshops in relationship counseling, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Personality and Character Disorders, cognitive rehabilitation, and electronics addiction.

Keeley founded Refresh as a place for clinicians to be treated fairly and with respect, receive clinical supervision to enrich the patient experience, and to incorporate professional ethics every step of the way.  Through her work, she hopes to empower women and young adults to achieve their dreams and to respect people (and animals!) from all walks of life.

Keeley is dedicated to improving the quality of the US mental health system, participates annually in the New York City NAMI walk, and volunteers every week with a local animal rescue group.

Keeley stays proactive about her mental health by lifting weights, spending time outdoors, reading lots of non-fiction selections, and socializing animals in need of adoption.