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Intimacy during COVID

By Elizabeth Marks, MSWI

Our homes have become increasingly less sexy as we now do everything within the confines of our individual abodes. My husband and I went from having so much to talk about at night, missing each other, and being so excited to see one another, to sitting silently after being in ear shot of each other for the majority of the day. Here are some tips for intimacy in the time of COVID:

Plan: It’s easy to keep working when your office is also your bed. Pick a time each night that work will be over. Commit to a hard stop that you both agree on. This can ensure that home still feels like home.

Don’t Stop Dating: We might not be able to go to the movies, sit inside our favorite restaurant, or even jump on the train to a fun location for a weekend away, but plan dates! Cooking night, a bake off, movie marathon, a walk in the park, a socially distanced picnic, anything that feels like you are both getting away.

Turn off the Screens: My parents always joked that the secret to a happy marriage was no TV in the bedroom. Living in a small apartment we are a two-screen home to guarantee I don’t miss out on my Bravo shows if my husband’s game is on BUT we limit the screen time. Plug your phone in across the room, turn the TV off when you’re both in bed. Talk, cuddle, and enjoy each other’s company. We are consuming so much content constantly, make your bed a place for the two of you.

Communicate: Talk it out. Right now, even as things open up, it can feel isolating to be home and with your partner without seeing friends or family as much. Open up about this, discuss what you might need from your partner that you didn’t before. Communication is sexier than you think!

Try Something New: In a time where the most exciting moment of my day is finding a new tik tok trend or attempting a new air fryer recipe, bring some excitement into your bed! Try something new, experiment with your partner, you don’t need to socially distance from your desires!

Our definition of intimacy is ever changing, and in a world where we have to expect the unexpected, make sure to keep that closeness a priority.