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International Stress Awareness Day

By Elizabeth Marks, MSWI

We are not strangers to stress. This November 4th, we will be observing International #StressAwarenessDay and wanted to share seven stress relieving tricks and tips.

  1. Sleep. A well rested mind can take on a lot more than one clouded with exhaustion. When you have a lot going on, try to carve out hours of true rest and relaxation.
  2. Exercise. Moving our bodies releases tension, gets our blood flowing, and will often take your mind off a looming stressor.
  3. Discussion. Talk about it! You’d be surprised how much weight can come off of your shoulders by just sharing your thoughts and stressors with confidantes, friends, and family.
  4. Deep Breathing. Clear your airways and your mind at the same time. No matter the technique, getting good oxygen flow will bring us back to reality in high stress moments.
  5. Music. We can be instantly lifted by song. Think of a tune that makes you smile or dance. Plug those headphones in and take a moment to enjoy something beautiful.
  6. Prepare. So often we stress about upcoming stressful events which haven’t even happened yet. Give yourself time to prep for moments you are anticipating higher levels of stress. With preparation often comes calm.
  7. Pin point. Look for the moments of high stress. Is your heart racing every time you have to go see your aunt? Is a weekly meeting the cause of your stress? By finding the moments of heightened anxiety, we can analyze and find causes and patterns we might have missed before to help us move through the anxious moments instead of getting bogged down by it.

There’s no magic wand to remove stress from our lives, but by implementing coping strategies that work into moments we aren’t feeling our best, there is potential for positive change. Try one of these techniques on International #StressAwarenessDay and share them with a friend who might need them!