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December Book Club

Welcome back to #RefreshBookClub! We were so excited to launch last month and read Becoming together. As we move into the next month we are thrilled to announce our December reads!


December’s book of the month is The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown! 

Why should you read it? Do you want to find more authenticity in your life and feel more empowered to be yourself? If so, this is the right book for you. Brown’s brilliance is both inspiring and heart opening; you’ll spend countless pages saying “OMG that’s me” or “I do that!”

Why now? As we enter December, the end of what has been a tough year for many, you might be feeling the need to embrace vulnerability, or feeling that you’re a bit burned out and need to look at daily life from a new lens.

Still need convincing? Brown is celebrating her 10 year anniversary of this publication and over 2 million people have read this best seller! Join those who have been enlightened with The Gifts of Imperfection!


Share your book with us on social media by tagging @RefreshNewYorkCity and using the #RefreshBookClub hashtag to let us know what you’d love to read next.