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Dani DeLade, LCAT, ATR-BC


Dani DeLade, LCAT, ATR-BC


Dani is a licensed creative art therapist who received their master’s degree from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. They received their bachelor’s from SUNY Albany, majoring in psychology and minoring in art and education. Dani uses a holistic strength-based approach incorporating creative art therapy, trauma-informed practice, and a social justice lens to develop responsive and supportive services. Dani believes in establishing safe, empathetic, nurturing, non-judgmental spaces to engage in creative and collaborative processes that foster growth, healing, and resiliency. Dani incorporates many mediums in their art therapy practice, including visual art, poetry, creative writing, and mindfulness.

Working at nonprofit organizations in New York City since 2010, Dani has provided direct services to diverse groups of individuals, families, and communities impacted by domestic and gender-based violence, homelessness, childhood trauma, substance use, PTSD, and other mental health challenges. Currently, Dani is a Trauma-Informed Practice Specialist, providing consultation, coaching, trainings, and support to staff at a large non-profit social service agency. Dani has passion for group and community work with experience facilitating art therapy workshops on an array of topics, such as wellness, mindfulness, individual/collective trauma, and healthy relationships.

As a white, queer, non-binary person, Dani is committed to understanding and recognizing power, privilege, racial dynamics, and oppressive systems. They are a socially conscious artist who uses painting, collage, illustration, and zines to bring awareness to and explore politics, the environment, and the human condition. Dani grew up in New Jersey and has been living in Brooklyn, NY for the last eleven years. Dani enjoys walking their dog in local parks, playing with their cat, and watching anything sci-fi.