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Corporate Services Guide

The Gift of Mental Health Care

A benefit your team deserves

At Refresh, we believe that a strengths-based approach to employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance is key.  Refresh aims to focus on the mental health and well-being of employees by fostering positive coping skills for stress and anxiety in the workplace.


Research shows that lack of access to mental health services significantly impacts on employer healthcare costs. When employees cannot access services, either due to inconvenient locations, appointment availability, or difficulty finding a provider who is in-network with their insurance, they turn to urgent care or the ER to manage their mental health when such visits could have been averted by using mental health care preventatively.


How can employers ensure employees maintain good mental hygiene by using high-value and lower-cost channels for mental health care?


Being in good health is paramount to our everyday lives, whether we’re at home, school, or work. But doesn’t just mean keeping our physical selves in good health, through diet and exercise; after all, maintaining our mental and emotional health is just as important.


Unfortunately, taking care of our mental health can often take a back seat, whether it’s because of time or money restraints, or even the unfair stigma that’ can sometimes still attached to seeking available help and guidance.


Thankfully, the tide is starting to turn and more and more employers are realizing that in order to have a successful work environment, you must have healthy employees. While offering sick days for workers is necessary (and a life-saver during cold and flu season), it doesn’t help those who can suffer from mental health issues year-round.


That’s where our corporate services come in. We offer a variety of services to best suit you and your company’s needs when it comes to providing mental health care for your employees. This includes on-site mental health care, near-site mental health care, psychoeducation groups and workshops.


All of our provided care will be paid for by employers, with an option for employees to continue with care beyond the timelines of each package using their insurance.


In addition to being efficient cost and time savers for you and your staff alike, there are various benefits to these options.


On-Site Mental Health Care: We believe that mental health care is vital to everyday life, and since the workplace is part of our everyday lives, it’s only fitting that these two two co-exist together. One of our highly respected and expertly trained clinicians will work directly at your office or campus to provide mental health care services, either part-time or full-time. Employees can make in-house appointments with the clinician and have private and confidential meetings right at work. This not only makes us a part of your work family, but it provides a sense of comfort to your employees knowing that there is someone there to help them when they need it most. Employers and employees alike won’t have to worry about time management when it comes to making mental health care appointments, knowing their clinician is, quite literally, right down the hall. The times of each session will vary from person to person and case to case.


Near-Site Mental Health Care: If your office is not equipped to have one of our clinicians on hand (or if you prefer to have the workplace and mental health care as separate entities), we can also provide near-site care. Just like our on-site clinicians, near-site clinicians will be on hand during work hours to have meetings with individuals regarding their mental health care needs. Our clinician will be at a location not far from your office or campus, providing the maximum care and minimum travel time. Near-site care can provide some employees with more ease, being able to separate the workplace with their personal issues. The times of each session will vary from person to person and case to case, and appointments must be made ahead of time through the clinician and the employee.


Psychoeducation Groups: The team that grows and learns together, succeeds together. That’s our motto when it comes to the psychoeducation groups we provide for employers and employees alike. Lead by one of our clinicians, these hour-long sessions will teach participants about how to deal with a variety of issues that may be affecting them in their daily lives, at work or otherwise. These group meetings not only give participants a better understanding of psychotherapy as a whole, but it will give them the tools they need to cope with any issues they may be dealing with. This not only allows colleagues to have more empathy for one another and what they may be going through in their personal lives, but to achieve a common goal of mental health care in the workplace. These hour-long group sessions can be done in-site or off-site, as well as via video conference.  


Workshops: When it comes to the workplace, there’s bound to be conflict or issues that arise. It can be a lot to tackle, and that’s where our workshops come in. Our clinicians can take on a variety of topics, from stress/time management to dealing with interpersonal relationships at work. Each workshop will provide participants with the educational tools they need to deal with the topic at hand, and how to apply them for mental and emotional success in the workplace. A workshop is a little different than a therapy group, as it provides new information and often requires homework, projects, and/or group discussions. These hour-long workshops—which can be held in-house, off-site, or via video conference—can be one-offs or a series or meetings.


Why Refresh?


Improve Access Reduce Costs Treat Your Employees
Did you know that it can take up to a month to get an appointment with a mental health care provider in NYC? Limited access means people are more likely to use urgent care, the ER and specialists – driving up costs. With Refresh, high quality providers are available 7 days a week , so companies see an increase in mental health care utilization – and a decrease in ER, urgent care, and specialty claims – which reduces overall health care costs. The Refresh patient experience is convenient, modern, and a highly desirable employee benefit for busy workers. Invest in your team’s health and productivity, and wait for the rave reviews and positive return on your decision.