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Clinical Fellows

Serving Brooklyn & Manhattan

What makes our team of Clinical Fellows different?

Refresh’s Clinical Fellows are presently working on advanced training at top-tier education institutions.  

Much like the clinical team, our Fellows are dedicated to volunteerism and community affairs and strive both in and outside of the office to make the world a better place.  

As pre-licensed clinicians, all Fellows receive individual and group supervision, in addition to being up-to-date on the latest clinical research.  Additionally, our Fellows are glad to work with new patients on a sliding scale at the intersection of affordable and top quality care.

Meet Our Clinical Fellows


Michael Chee
Clinical Fellow, New York University

Mike was born and raised in Northern California and has called Brooklyn, NY, home for more than fifteen years. He is currently pursuing his graduate education in social work at New York University. Mike received his undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science from UCLA, including a semester abroad in Bali, Indonesia. He spent much of his career in the creative fields as a copywriter in advertising and branding while also volunteering through New York Cares.


More recently, Mike worked and trained at a public high school in Brooklyn. In his role, he worked with adolescent individuals and groups, and taught social-emotional learning classes to ninth and tenth grade students. The experience was enriching as it was rewarding, and often involved helping clients work through depression, anxiety, self-harm, and family/societal pressures.

Mike has been fortunate to work with a diverse client population, and as someone who identifies as biracial, he is interested in exploring topics of identity and the impact of societal perceptions. He looks forward to working with adults in the everchanging environment of New York City.


Mike is all about self-care which can mean gym time, carnitas tacos, and lots of British television. He is an avid podcast listener, loves a good hike in or out of the city, and attempting to cook.



Jaime Eileen Conrad
Clinical Fellow, New York University

Jaime grew up in New Jersey and he has been living in New York City for several years. She is currently pursuing her graduate education at New York University. Jaime received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Maryland. Jaime started her career working in Human Resources. After becoming a volunteer advocate for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, she soon realized her desire to pursue a career in clinical social work.  

Jaime worked for a crisis intervention program providing in-home counseling to children and teens deemed to be in acute psychiatric distress, in addition to working with their families. She worked with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self-harm, and adjustment disorders. This was an enriching experience, helping Jaime gain more insight into family dynamics, societal pressures, sexual orientation exploration, and pressures added by social media. Through her work, internship, and volunteer experiences, she has had the opportunity to work with a diverse client population. Jaime is excited to be working with adults as she is passionate about the issues today’s adults face, particularly in a bustling city like New York. 

Jaime practices self-care by working out, playing with her dog, and rewatching episodes of The Office. She loves outdoor activities, whether it is hiking, kayaking, or just taking a stroll through a park.  Living in New York, Jaime is still finding new neighborhoods to explore and restaurants to try. 



Lindsey Schafer
Clinical Fellow, Columbia University

Lindsey grew up in New Jersey and now lives in New York City. She is currently pursuing her social work graduate education at Columbia University. Lindsey has worked in clinical case management while receiving her undergraduate degree in Syracuse, NY and has experience assisting individuals struggling with mental health disabilities and substance abuse. She also spent time as a research assistant at the Rutgers University School of Social Work working on a study on children in the NJ foster care system. Prior to graduation, Lindsey worked in Human Resources, as a teacher’s assistant and as a peer mentor where she helped incoming freshman become acclimated to their first year of college life.

Lindsey has experience working with diverse groups in one-on-one therapy, group therapy and case management. Lindsey grew up volunteering with special needs children and continues to feel passionate about spending time playing sports and doing activities helping them build social skills at their own pace in a fun and inclusive environment. Lindsey hopes to pursue work with couples and young adults struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as working with the LGBTQI communities. Lindsey’s goal as a clinician is to help individuals discover their confidence and capabilities by encouraging people to be mindful in their everyday lives.

Lindsey loves walking around, exploring the city and trying new restaurants, but she also enjoys decompressing by focusing on self-care by doing deep-breathing, spending time with friends and family and doing yoga. Lindsey hopes to foster a comfortable and peaceful environment for her clients by creating a safe space for individuals to disconnect from the busy New York City life.