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By Rachel Parodneck, LCSW This week is National Women’s Health Week. According to a World Health Organization analysis, Women Represent Close to 70% of the Global Healthcare Workforce. Healthcare workers this year have seen unprecedented challenges to say the least. Not

By Rachel Grossman “Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.” ― Khalil Gibran For most of us, the opportunity to experience true silence in our daily lives can be all but impossible. In our digitalized modern

  By Chianne Greene, LMSW   They say your twenties are the most enjoyable time of your life. You have little to no responsibilities or obligations and as a result are free to explore all of what the world has to offer.  However,

By Chianne Greene The holidays can be a joyous occasion but let’s face it, the holiday season can also bring feelings of sadness and loneliness. You may begin to reflect on your current situation and this past year, the highs and lows as well as the heartbreaks

By Fayad Raphique   “You’ve got to set clear boundaries with him” “Know where your boundaries are early on” “She’s got serious boundary issues” We all hear the B word thrown around a lot when discussing dating, but what ARE boundaries? Personal boundaries are the

by Tyvon Foster Life has many meanings to many different people. Usually, these meanings can range from a more nihilistic or cynical perspective to a more optimistic approach. But in my experience as a practicing therapist, I have noticed that many

Have you ever gotten tired of being worried? More often than we think, we spend a lot of energy worrying about things that we don't want. Worrying is not entirely a bad thing; it helped our ancestors predict danger and