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Bruna Moubarak


Bruna Moubarak, MHC-LP


Prior to settling in New York City, Bruna grew up between Dubai and Beirut. She has spent over a decade volunteering her time to Non-Governmental Organizations that support people living with disability, domestic violence survivors, and animal rehabilitation. She has also remained active in anti-racism movements since her late teens. Bruna’s professional and lived experience allow her to hold a multicultural worldview that has become crucial to her work. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Notre Dame University, Lebanon. She went on to work as a Behavioral Therapist in Abu Dhabi, specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

In following her passion for mental health and social justice, she ultimately pursued a Master’s Degree from NYU’s Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness program. She is currently in the process of obtaining her LMHC, as well as an Integrated Trauma Therapy Certificate from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. She has studied and utilizes a relational-cultural therapeutic approach, with a focus on body-oriented Somatic Experiencing therapy, Dissociative Disorders, and intergenerational trauma.

In her spare time, Bruna enjoys spending time with friends and family, running, cooking, & checking out the newest art exhibition in the city. She practices yin yoga and transcendental meditation daily and loves being able to bring her passion for healing into her work.

Bruna is fluent in English, French & Arabic.