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April 2021 Book Club

April Book Recommendation:

Welcome back to #RefreshBookClub! We are thrilled to have you coming along for our next month of the book recommendations. As we move into April we wanted to spotlight SAAM, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, with an especially powerful read.

April’s book of the month is Nevertheless, We Persisted: 48 Voices of Defiance, Strength, and Courage by In This Together Media and Edited by Amy Klobuchar

Why should you read it? This compilation of essays includes the likes of Patrisse Cullors, the Black Lives Matter founder, poet Azure Antoinette and so many more speaking of their persistence through recollections from times that their identity, whether it be gender, race or sexual preference was questioned or met with hate and harm. These stories reflect on the inner strength to overcome any obstacle.
Why now? Inspiration, courage, confidence, and a view into the realities of systems, opinions, and hate that must change is something that we can all learn from in a time when so much of what we’ve been taught or witnessed must be questioned and unlearned.
Still Need Convincing? Check out what Publisher’s Weekly had to say “”Readers encountering injustice in their own lives may be compelled to take heart–and even action.”